Artist statement

Evocation of Image

She springs full-made into Visual Mind
But emerges only after hands have done Her work.
The Limbic Brain knows Her.
The Cortex must ebb before Her tide.

See Her on the insides of your eyelids.
Hear Her tickle the hairs of your inner ears.
Smell the slick jittery atoms of color.
Feel Her face emerge from your marks.

It's Elemental. Cells whisper rumors of desire.
Neurons fire electrical hints. Muscles ignite with ideas.
Tendons beguile. Joints prophesy.
Juicy blood of Genesis sanctifies. Here is the Seduction.

Crisis of confidence chases fast on the heels of chutspah.
Courage crumbles at the feet of commitment.
Perfection demands pursuit, then Transformation touches my fingers -
Menopausal momentum melts my hesitation.

I feel smoke waft up from my hairline.
Steam rises from my groin and scalds my breasts.
I suck in the heat seething off my thighs and siphon in the power.
And Art is rendered.

Kathi Anderson

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