Smoky Trudeau and I met because we are both artists. As we came to know each other, we discovered that our different approaches to self-expression were surprisingly and thoroughly compatible. As we became friends, it made sense that I might do a book cover for her…. Someday.

When I read "Redeeming Grace" I was flooded with mental and emotional imagery. The changing moods of the water and the sky stirred my temperate heart. The repeated imagery of the willow, the birds and the sky spoke to my spiritual nature.

Designing the art for this book cover was an emotional exploration for me. How could I show Grace's desire to forgive the passions of her father and the failings of her husband, while holding them responsible for their deeds? How could I make visible Otto's need for forgiveness? How could I represent the sweeping power of fear and longing and hope that grows out of that thing called "family"? What is the relationship between Father and father, Mother and mothering? What is the role of spirit in our lives? How are imagery of the Cross and the Tree of Life related? And, ultimately, how could I show that, through Grace comes redemption?

Please go to Smoky's website to learn more about the book.

Redeeming Grace book cover art by Kathi Anderson

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